Welcome to English SL’s affiliate program. Bellow are the terms and condition governing this agreement.

  1. By joining this (Affiliate Program) you agree to its terms and conditions and any amendments in the future.
  2. This program is meant for professional marketers who have a good reputation as marketers and can generate reasonable traffic.
  3. The affiliate referral tracking system is designed to track by your special referral links all visits generated on those links but it’s like any other piece of technology not 100% reliable.
  4. While we provide the system we expect the affiliate to have a good knowledge of how affiliate programs work and also have good command of English language to navigate around the control panel and create links and related creatives.
  5. Creatives are prepared for affiliate’s use but it is allowed to use your own creatives and advertising materials as long as it does not hurt the reputation of the program or products or deceive the consumer in any way.
  6. As an affiliate you are responsible for providing a PayPal account email to receive commotions. A bank transfer is possible with prior arrangement and any bank charges big or small will be deducted from the transferred amount.
  7. Commissions are paid as per the rank and achievement of the affiliate and it’s clearly posted on the dashboard with explanation in the help section.
  8. This agreement is valid for six months from date of joining and it’s at the affiliate program owner to extend it with same terms or modified or completely cancel it.
  9. Affiliate will receive all due commissions only while on the program and any generated sales after leaving the program or being expelled from it will not count and can not be tracked.